1. September 23, 2014

    I can always count on you to digest the Word, decipher it, then regurgitate it back to me broken down, shaken up, and put into informational, applicable terms”””””’ I’ve never seen another like you, when you speak, your lips quiver, and you tremble, with tears as the humility in you shows forth… it proves you to be humble before God, and us, and serious as well as sincere… I know it is the Word of God from His mouth to yours…. you deserve every good God given thing life and God have to offer you…. as big and fancy looking as your church appears, I know all that matters to you is Gods Word in you and through you, your obedience and humility is what makes your church grow so big that it spreads across Ga. $ doesn’t matter to you, though it takes it to live.. and all the great things you do with that $….. giving to others cheerfully…. you will never fully understand how God, through your words and humility affected me so deeply and changed my thinking and life even… God bless you and your ministry and family…… jacob

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